Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hiking Jenny's Lake

Yesterday, July 29, Charlene took the kids and I, Lori and her kids, Amber and her kids, and Kim and her kids to hike to the Hidden Falls at Jenny's Lake in Teton National Park. We had such a good time. The kids did great! Logan went with us and he was the highlight on the trail. We did not see one other baby as small as Logan on the trail. And most everyone I passed would comment on him and I. And I have to admit, I would cover him up with the blanket for shade until we would pass someone, then I would let him peak out at them. I think some enjoyed seeing him more than they would have seeing a bear or a deer. When we arrived at the Hidden Falls, we unpacked and had some lunch. I took Logan out and laid him down on his blanket at the bottom of a tree. One lady came up and asked if she could take a picture of him, he looked so cute under the tree. I moved out of the frame and let her have a picture of him. It was so much fun hiking with him and spending time with my kids and sister-in-laws and my mother-in-law. We all had a good time. We went back down the trail and the kids were wading in the stream below the falls, Carson slipped on a rock and the current was pulling him down. I was SO scared. I was nursing Logan and I just started calling out for someone to catch him. The look on his little face was full of fear. Within a matter of seconds he was out of the water and Lori stripped his clothes and Amber comforted him. I am so blessed to have such great sister-in-laws! Maybe it was out of obligation, maybe it was out of sincery care, but I am so greatful they there to help Carson and I. Hailey was so disgusted with herself after it was all said and done because she herself got scared for Carson, and she tries so hard to tell herself she does not like him, when in all reality, she cares very much. She told me "I wanted to help, but I did not want to get my pants wet." I witnessed the entire thing, and her pants were the last thing on her mind at that time! It all happened so quick, it made me realise how quickly something like that can happen and how quickly it could have had a turn for the worst! Thank you God for watching over us.

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Naomi and sometimes Shane and someday Adam said...

I'm so glad someone was there quick to get carson! He and I have something in common now. Good job going hiking with your new little one tough mamma!