Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Busy, busy, busy! Carson turned five at the end of August the same day Hailey started the fourth grade. Logan is growing like a weed. We are enjoying him so much. He is always so happy. We finally started landscaping by planting a few trees and placing a couple huge rocks in different places. It really helped the house! I cannot wait for GRASS!
Hunting season is in full swing. So I am now a Hunters widow again. It is always nice this time of year to have school back in and kids going to bed earlier, with Mike gone hunting I have some quiet time before I go to bed. But when he gets home, I have quiet time with him also. Things are going really well for our family right now. Mom's getting her time and Dad is getting his.
We hope that you all are doing well. Thanks for checking out our page.
Sincerely, The Walters

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