Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am sorry it took me so long to get Mike's Wyoming buck posted. I was having problems with the website.
We are kicking off the Holidays pretty soon. The kids have their Halloween costumes and are ready to go. Hailey is a candy corn witch and Carson is Iron Man. Logan is going to wear a orange shirt that says, This is my Halloween costume. We are not going to drag him around in a uncomfortable costume. My 3rd child and I have learned better. It is never fun for them. We are actually not dragging him out at all. My grandma offered to keep him that night while we go to the carnival. Mike will be on an overnight float trip, so we are set to have a good time. Mike doesn't really care for going to the school carnival. And I don't really care to listen to him complain about going either.
Mike has had a pretty good hunting season thus far. He and Carson went out the other morning and shot a white tail doe. Carson really enjoys being dad's "little hunting buddy". I'm glad they are able to go together. It's just the start of what's to come...

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Naomi and sometimes Shane and someday Adam said...

I'll go with you to the carnival Stephanie! :)