Friday, May 29, 2009

We are working on our yard and getting ready to plant a garden. The boys have enjoyed harrowing with dad, and I shudder when I see it happening because I know that means more rocks for me to pick up. My pile is growing by the day.

School will be released for summer break June 5th. We will sign the kids up for more swimming lessons and a few other activities. Hailey and I will run in the 2mile fun run in Driggs and we'll both be taking core training classes throughout the summer.

Carson's plans for the summer are typical Carson plans, hunting, fishing, camping, 4 wheeling, playing with Bubba, going to Grandma's.... the list goes on and on.

Logan will be on his feet running before too long! He is standing up for the most part, he just doesn't realise he's doing it on his own, and when he does, he sits down. He pushes bar stools, laundry baskets, whatever he can, around the house.
I took a trip with friends to Florida, May13 - 19th. They were running a 100mile race from Key Largo to Key West. Brittni finished the race in 29hrs and 13min. We were awake for over 30hrs! The heat and humidity were brutal on my Idaho body. I enjoyed every step I took with my friends on their journey. I would do it again tomorrow, although, I don't think they would...
I had never traveled farther than Salt Lake City without my family. I cried so much the first night. I know it was harder for me than it was any of them. But absents makes the heart grow fonder and I felt it when I returned home.
I learned so much from the trip! I was traveling with wonderful women, Lisa Smith-Batchen (personal trainer and running coach), Jean Oakley (Hailey's piano teacher), Ashley Oakley, Heather Wilcox (my dearest girlfriend), Ashley Wilcox, Brittni Radford (Heather's sister), and Sister Mary Elizabeth Lloyd, a Nun, who is full of knowledge and has a great relationship with God. She taught me SOOO many things! She has made her own commitment with God and doesn't judge others for choices that they make. She accepts and loves everyone! She was running to raise money for AIDS orphans. She ran 40miles in her calf length black habit! She brought so much awareness to her cause! She made the front page of the Miami Herald and they even did a piece on her on Fox News. When they came to video her she asked us all to join her for a short run. So even I got to be seen on Fox News supporting such a great cause and amazing person!
I made new friends and I strengthened my bond with the others. I set myself a goal before I left to be able to run 25miles with them. I met my goal and tact on another 5! I was taken on a Sunset Cruise the last night there, where I, of course, met more people and made more great memories. I would love for my husband to be able to go next time. He was the only thing missing, but he did a great job with the kids. What a guy! Thank you dear, for making the trip possible, being a wonderful father and supporting me! You're the BEST!
Lots of Love to ALL!


Naomi said...

I'm so glad you got to do that run! You're amazing and we miss you all! Can't wait to see ya in August. :)

TonyP said...

It was great that you came out to support the girls in their bid for 100-miles. You were a huge part of the entire experience, and it was great to meet you. Hope to see you and your family in the Tetons soon !

Nancy said...

WOW 30 miles! that in itself is amazing, then staying awake for more than 30 hours, that is verging on insanity. Good work Steph, what an amazingly supportive friend you are.